Dealing with Coronavirus- Nimrit N Gill

In the midst of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty around the coronavirus pandemic, each day brings news that is worse than the day before. Our country is in lockdown to contain the virus. The cause for concern seems to be justified. But as in any tragedy major disasters like war or threat, there is always hope and optimism. Everyone is with hope that this too shall pass. However, here are a few things one could do till the curfew or lockdown is on. Feeling isolated or out of control is an outcome of being locked in so do not think you are feeling any different or you are going through anxiety syndrome. It is quite normal.

But it is a great time to get a new understanding of the way things are going to be in the near future.

The first thing would be to accept the situation. If we do not accept or in a profound statement surrender to the current situation of isolation or the fear of coronavirus then there is no way we can try to do anything different or find newer ways to tackle the situation. So yes, let us accept that we are put in isolation for a while till the coronavirus is under control.

Also this time it has made us realize that this virus has shown no boundaries – we all are affected across the globe. Making us move into the understanding we are not separated. What happens to you happens to me ultimately. How I perceive the world and feel it, impacts you. And vice-versa how you perceive and see your reality affects me. So if anything this pandemic has shown us that we are in a way all entangled. Quantum physics uses the quantum entanglement theory a lot. Meaning that particles like photons and electrons are entangled with other particles and their behavior is similar.

From a spiritual standpoint, this means that whatever happens in consciousness – your thoughts, feelings, and moods are all entangled with one another. Like right now through social media we are all entangled. This also means our well-being is interrelated; we have collective well-being interdependence. So my well-being in my ecosystem is interdependent to your well-being in your ecosystem. So now more than ever it is our duty to look after ourselves and take care of one another.

There is a huge shift all of us are going through and let us not feed into panic and fear or stress as that will affect our immune system. Panic is stress that goes totally out of control and you feel totally helpless then you engage in irrational behavior and you perpetuate the cycle of fear. Rather if we all support each other emotionally, psychologically, and even practically through technology through our collective intention and through our collective creativity we all are going to feel safer and feel safe and secure yourself this is the best way to work towards a collective outcome and this optimizes your immune system.

It’s also a time to empathize by deeply listening and feeling what others are feeling. It is a time to move inward, look inward because when we change inwardly the effect we have outward changes everything around us.

Do reach out to us for any support you would like during this time. Our team works on the expansion of consciousness – we support each other every day and we support anyone who would require the support emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

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