Our holistic center is all about energy healing. Energy healing is a powerful and natural system of healing that provides effective and lasting relief because it not only deals with the symptoms but the underlying issues as well. The added bonus is no harmful side effects.

Energy healing is now sought after because it is a holistic treatment of:

  1. Physical discomfort and diseases,
  2. Issues of fear, low self-worth or confidence,
  3. Emotional pain and imprints of past events or circumstances that have a tremendous, detrimental impact on the present,
  4. Stress, frustration, depression,
  5. Obstacles and stagnation in spiritual progress.


Sound Healing

Meditation is an ancient tool that brings many benefits to a psychological and neurological level. Using sound in meditation facilitates the subtle frequencies to work on a vibrational and molecular level. Experience this journey into sound with crystal singing bowls and Tibetan bowls through a guided meditation to balance mind-body-spirit, connecting through the heart and the Universal essence of Love.


Crystal Healing

Energy healing targets the energy fields around the body. Energy can stagnate where there has been an emotional upheaval or imbalance. These energy blocks cause illness. Through high vibrational energy thought the healer can guide the blocked energies to clear out. Crystal energy healing: Crystals carry a specific vibration and energy. The Himalayan natural crystal is powerful to alter the flow of energy.


Chakra Healing

Chakras are energy vortexes or cross-points of energy all over your body, in which low-frequency thoughts and emotions get stuck and manifest themselves into physical ailments in that area. For any physical ailments, chronic conditions and disorders that have manifested, it is always good to get a thorough cleansing and harmonizing of the chakras from time to time to ensure optimum health.


Blue Body Healing

The blue body is the first energetic impression of the body before it starts to collect matter and turn into a form. Healing at this level is even higher than healing of the DNA and gene patterns. It leads to a total renewal of the body, completely bypassing old and existing ailments.


Meditations are effective, powerful tools to improve various aspects of your life. They are self-empowering ways that actually help you to discover your hidden strengths, and abilities and bring them to the surface to aid you in living a happier life. As you grow adept at them, you will be able to tap into their energy in quick, short bursts throughout your day to help you cope with any challenges, disruptions, or issues that may come up.