What is Sound Healing Therapy?

In this therapy we use various bowls, drums and gongs to improve your physical and emotional health. The vibrations that comes from the instruments used affect your body’s function like blood pressure and breathing. It helps reduce stress, pain and promotes deep relaxation. Deep relaxing sounds also lead you to a space of the Self to raise your vibrations.

How Sound Works?

Meditating with Sound is a profound experience that brings awareness to the here and now, in body-mind- spirit. The tones and frequencies move through the body in vibrant waves, relaxing, healing and aligning our energy centers.

Using sound in meditation facilitates and eases the mind towards a more profound connection of inner awareness, connecting through the heart.  Experience this journey into sound with crystal singing bowls and tibetan bowls through a guided meditation to balance mind-body-spirit.

What Does A Sound Healer Do?

Sound Healing is a perfectly natural complement to many other types of therapy, having the power to enhance and amplify the healing effects of  Reiki, reflexology, crystal and gem therapy, Bach and other Flower Essence therapies and many others…

A Sound Healer or Sound Therapist uses their voice and other musical instruments and tools such as tuning forks, to help restore balance to the body. These instruments are more powerful than most people realise and also operate on a mental, psychological and energetic level. Certain sound healing tools are used directly on the body, tuning forks, singing bowls and therapy monochords for example.

What Sound Healing Treats?

Sound healing is used to treat symptoms of a number of conditions, including:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Dementia
  • Autism and learning difficulties
  • Behavioral and psychiatric disorders
  • Cancer

Benefits of sound healing include:

  • Deep relaxation, rejuvenating,
  • Unresolved emotions awaiting release,
  • States of wellness, clarity,
  • Balancing of chakra centers, inner peace,
  • Reduction of pain,
  • Increased immune function,
  • Decision making, Relief from depression,
  • Improves communication skills,
  • Physical healing, enhanced energy,
  • Stress reduction,
  • Heart opening, empathy, self-love.