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Meditations are effective, powerful tools to improve various aspects of your life. They are self-empowering ways that actually help you move past limited ways of being or discover your hidden strengths and abilities and bring them to the surface to aid you in living a happier, more fulfilling life. Each of them help you in your growth and movement forward. They help you access your natural state of being, which is full of strength, confidence and peace.

You may think you have so much to do, so many things to take care of, you just don’t have the time to set aside for meditation in your busy life. Yet any and all of these meditations will pay you rich dividends if you devote a little time to experiencing them as often as you can. As you grow adept at them, you will be able to tap into their energy in quick, short bursts throughout your day to help you cope with any challenges, disruptions or issues that may come up. The meditations given below are also dynamic healing processes that will aid you with various issues or aspects of yourself. They will help you resolve whatever is holding you back from living the life you want.

The usefulness of the meditation and what it will do for you will be discussed in detail before a high-powered initiation into the meditation. You will receive a recording of your personal meditation session for your use in daily life. If you require guidance on the meditations most suited to your growth and empowerment at this point in your life, that guidance will be available.

Meditation that will aid you with
various issues or aspects of yourself.

Meditation that will aid you with various issues or aspects of yourself.

These toxic thoughts are usually the predominant ones for most human beings and they play a major role in how life plays out for us. They keep us limited in our thinking and being to such an extent that life becomes a repetitive pattern of the same, unfulfilling experiences and events. They do not allow the manifestation of desires and dreams and lead to a rather lackluster existence.

Most fear-based thoughts usually go unrecognized. Yet they are the ones causing all lack, unhappiness and distressing circumstances. Since a vast majority of human beings live a fear-based life, that energy is predominant in the world and has a huge detrimental influence on everyone. How do you step away from this energy within and without you? How do you release such thoughts and emotions and forge ahead with renewed vigor and enthusiasm and the knowing that as you conquer fear, you become the master of your destiny.

Meditation For Sleep

Sleep is an extremely important component in the daily cycle of our lives. Lack of sufficient sleep has been linked to obesity, diabetes, hypertension and depression. Lack of sleep definitively impacts our quality of life, causing us to feel miserable, lethargic and stressed. It is now well-known that sleep is essential for maintaining a sense of well-being, memory and cognitive performance.

It plays a pivotal, crucial role in the normal functioning of the endocrine and immune systems. This is a very significant aspect because the body actually runs on hormones and not organs. Hormones heal, repair and help organs to function smoothly. Without adequate sleep, the flow of hormones is disrupted and the body slides into disease and decay much faster.

A meditation on pinoline, a mysterious but highly important hormone that is only released 4 to 6 hours into sleep is also included in this selection of meditations. Sleep time is not only the time when the body repairs itself, a lot of your fear-based thoughts and emotions are released, enabling you to get a better start to your day. This emotional and mental dry-cleaning is essential to help us cope with the challenges and issues in life.

Clearing Your Glands Meditation

Your body depends on a good flow of hormones to keep functioning smoothly and remain in vibrant health. Over time, this flow starts diminishing and the body begins to deteriorate, leading to aging, discomfort and disease.

This meditation is designed to help you increase and maintain an optimum level of this all-important hormonal flow. It keeps you resilient and maintains the continued health of the body.  It can be used for general all-around healing of the body and in the healing of specific glands. In case of injury and disease, this meditation is very effective in assisting recovery and reconstruction.

Meditation for Creating Friendships

This meditation will help you invite deep, meaningful friendships with other people. It is very useful at a time when friends move away or you leave a circle of friends because you find your interests are diverging and the same things don’t interest you anymore. Or you have been hurt and betrayed by friends and now find it difficult to trust people or your own ability to meet and befriend people who will not do the same.

This meditation will help you attract people with the same frequency as you so that there is a more meaningful connection. It can also be used if you find that you don’t make friends readily and while that did not bother you at an earlier time in life, you now find you might enjoy the company of some real friends. Or you may just be looking for friends beyond your partner and family. You may move to new places and countries, therefore, you would like to make new friends. Or you may think you need to move out of your solitary state or loneliness.

While it is true that most people remain within their tight cliques of school or college friends, there will always be those who are still open to and welcome making new friends. Friendships nurture, soothe and help one over tough times as well as teach the art of compromise and relating to others. Whatever your reason for calling new friends into your life, this is an ability that will always serve you well throughout your life

Meditation For Manifesting What You Want In Your Life

This meditation is designed to remove the blocks that prevent you from manifesting what you want. This very useful, effective meditation will help you clear your frequency and limiting, self-sabotaging mindsets in order to allow all the things that you desire to appear in your reality.

It can be done anytime that you desire, at any time that is convenient for you. So many of us get distracted by our busy lives and all that is going on around us that we rarely take the time to do one of the most important things we can do to better our lives, to manifest what we want. This highly effective meditation will be a powerful tool to help you consciously manifest your desires and live life the way you want to live it. It will put you in the right frame of mind and frequency to attract the things that you desire.

Meditation To Calm Your Mind

We all have this image of a highly spiritual being radiating peace, calm and tranquility and we think that state is way out of reach for us. Yet we do have that deep desire to be unfazed by all the curveballs life throws at us, to have the ability to face any crisis, unpleasant or disruptive situation with an inner calmness that will help us to not react and worsen matters and not have those situations affect us adversely.

This very helpful meditation will help you learn to stay centered amidst all the distractions in your life and be calm. It can be used at the end of each day before sleep. This meditation requires that you find a new, quiet place, perhaps a park or a quiet place you have never visited. It will help you access a new, quiet space in your mind.

Meditation For Reaching Your Highest Potential

Rarely do we human beings live to our fullest potential. That is partly because we are not aware of how unlimited our potential is. This brief but powerful meditation will help your mind accept all that is possible for you and remove the blocks that prevent you from becoming more. Of the many, many consequences of not accessing more of our limitless potential, the lack of fulfilment is the most deadening to our spirit. If there is no movement forward, no sense of satisfaction and exhilaration to discovering hidden depths and abilities, life becomes mundane and a drag.

This meditation will move into a higher frequency, paving the way for happiness, opening your life to all sorts of opportunities that you could not have imagined earlier and thus leading to an incredible zest for life.

Meditation For Creating A Safe, Sacred Space For Emotions

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by frustration, stress, anxiety, sorrow, hurt, guilt or shame? The residue of the event or situation causing such emotions in us can linger on for a long time coloring the quality of our life and frame of mind. Sometimes anger or depression hold sway and often destroy what we do not mean to destroy – relationships, the atmosphere at home or work and certainly our peace of mind.

In some cases, people suppress the emotions because they get too painful to experience, burying them so deep that they are no longer aware that they exist. Those buried emotions gather the force of a pressure cooker, which when it erupts is truly destructive. Even if there is no eruption, these buried emotions exert a subconscious, insidious impact on us, our bodies, happiness and our manifestation abilities because emotions play a major role in manifesting what we want.

Creating a sacred, energetic space that you can always go to within yourself to feel these emotions without judgment of them is the best way to deal with them. This meditation will place you in a space where you will be able to experience and then release such emotions safely so that they do not exert a harmful effect on you and others. It turns a potentially destructive aspect within you into a peaceful, creative one.

Meditation For Bringing Happy, Fulfilling Changes Into Life

Do you feel that your life is not going in the direction you want it to go? Is there a sense of  emptiness, of stagnation and the mundane, a lack of fulfilment? Do you feel that there is a delay or a total disconnect between what you desire and what you are receiving? Perhaps you turn away from big changes because they would complicate things too much. Perhaps you think it would take too much out of you to bring about those changes.

This meditation will help you resolve these issues because the alternative of remaining where you are is too bleak. Not only that, this amazing meditation will ignite your manifestation process. The desire and choice to make wonderful changes in yourself and your life has amazing, rejuvenating effects on various levels. You make the changes, not because there was something bad or wrong with you or your life earlier but because without momentum, degeneration and depression sets in.

Meditation Of Letting Go

All of us have emotional baggage, memories and fear-based imprints from the past that we need to let go of in order to make way for the new. This baggage that we carry along with us holds us in limitation, repetitive, habitual patterns of thoughts and behavior that usually work against us, rather than for us. The stagnation and sameness in our lives comes from these patterns and they keep us from moving forward, from getting to a level of ever renewed fulfilment and happiness.

The eternal spring of wellness that is always within us is blocked by these aspects held within our being and cannot flourish. When we keep thinking or behaving in certain patterns of limitation, we are constantly reinforcing their energy and keeping them alive within us. This meditation is for a general clearing of any these binding energies. This meditation takes you into the peaceful, powerful space of the Now, where all new possibilities exist and where manifestation occurs. It helps you release the low frequencies of various elements of fear, pain and suffering that have held you back from a more joyous, satisfying life.