What is Bio-Field Viewer?

The Biofield Viewer is a software system based on the principles of photons of light that interact with the energy field of the body.  A live image of an individual is displayed on a computer monitor through the Biofield viewer where the electrical signals from a video camera are graded into clearly visible colors representing a much finer gradation of light intensity than the image entering the camera. Light intensities are distinguished in a way that is impossible to the human eye.


Who Developed The Bio-Field Viewer?

The Biofield Viewer developed by Thornton Streeter and his team from Energy Medicine Exchange, is one of the safest and the best available in revealing patterns of energy in and around the body.

They have developed a new language to describe what we experience when viewing the biofield. We need to be aware that the human body is an energetic body that whirls around chakras. The chakras, for numerous reasons get blocked with sluggish congested energy. These ‘blockages’ may in fact be a device created by the subject to protect them from something worse. There is another name that is being used in the biofield blockages which can be ‘shielding’ and ‘leaking’ energy called ‘venting’.

Biofield Viewer is a non-linear imaging system which reveals the interference patterns between the human biofield and our standardised lighting system. The chakras and meridians are now visible live for professional holistic practitioners to monitor the effect of their chosen protocol. This tremendously helps the healer to see exactly what is occurring during the session and this enhances the healing experience.

Bio-Field Viewer Features & Benefits

  • Live biophotonic emission imaging
  • Chakra analysis
  • Aura views
  • Patient progress monitoring
  • Treatment efficacy demonstration
  • Research tool