What Is Pre-Marriage Counseling?

Pre-marriage counseling sessions can vary from 60 minutes to 120 minutes. Our experts will help you unravel your own and the others psyche – discuss with openness with issues that you face. And offer you perspective of the view you hold and how would you want to move forward.

Our Pre-marriage relationship couple counselors see the issues that might come up and they never take sides. The session encourages the couple to look into their pasts, what dynamics they being together and how they deal with their relationship as they move forward in this new phase of their lives.

We know that a wedding and a marriage takes a whole lot of preparation. The main preparation is not the arrangement but it is psychological emotional component that no one takes into account. We need an understanding of ourselves and our partners, where difficulties arise and how love and an understanding works. An understanding of how our own mindsets are and the journey forward.

What It Takes To Be Married?

Many of us are attracted to the idea of marriage, and yet feel uncomfortable with the after math. The fear whether the relationship will work as well as we dream about it in our minds. What comes after the wedding day few are prepared.

The Quantum Clinic is the right place for getting a perceptive with our experts who guide you with detailed understanding of who you are.


Other Relationships

We also offer couples therapy for other relationships like: Friends, colleagues, siblings, parents and adult children, in-laws, separated or divorced couples, business partners, and relatives can benefit hugely from addressing issues together in a safe space.

What Is Marriage Counseling / Couple Counseling?

Often people come to a counselor when they are facing a problem or their relationship is not working out. In fact, it is most advised to use this tool to prevent your relationship from deteriorating.

Couple Therapy is a safe place to discuss issues that, couples otherwise find hard to discuss with each other. When we feel that our partner does not understand us, it is very unlikely that you can understand your partner either. In the consulting room, everyone can safely have their say, can feel acknowledged, and as a result, progress can be made.

The couple therapist becomes the wise broker, allowing each person to express feelings (however awkward). They can see things through the eyes of both parties but never take either of their sides. Couple Counseling is a safe diplomatic back channel, away from the day to day. The therapist can hold both parties back for just long enough that they can start to understand what the other is going through. Renewed tenderness can follow.

A common fear before going to a marriage counselor is that they may take the side of the other person in the relationship. There is no need to fear that. The therapist has only one responsibility; and that is to the relationship itself.

Undergoing couple therapy, which is still unusual for many in our country, it is however, one of the best things we could do for ourselves and one another.