What is Soulful Pregnancy?

When couples decide to become parents – the sacred journey to welcome the baby begins. Although there is so much of information on the social media around pregnancy that might not be something you would need. Pregnancy is an intuitive process. At the same time we help our to-be parents to look at some of our ancient wisdom that had some fantastic ways to help you from conception to child-birth known as Garbh Sanskar. A child’s personality does start developing right from the womb and this is influenced by the mother’s state of mind.

Pregnancy for a woman is an emotional and a physical experience. One goes through a range of feelings of anxiety, uncertainty and fear. This does not mean your experience is not going to be great. Signing up for the program we take you through:

  • A Spiritual journey of nine months
  • Removing past traumas and fears
  • Pre-birth communication: your baby is a light being
  • Helping your baby be a creator, thinker, and a leader
  • Bonding with mother, child and father before birth

Why It Is Important?

This course is about your spiritual connect into motherhood with your baby before birth. There is no other time than pregnancy when the mother and baby are completely connected. The mother’s innermost state of emotions and feelings can be felt by the baby. It is important to know the relaxed state you need to be in to ensure a completely secure baby. The first school for the baby is the mother’s womb.

This period will take you into a deeply motivating, healing and inspiring experience. Pre conception and new mother counseling: We give one-on-one counseling for any disturbances towards any emotional issues. An important aspect of knowing who you are.

Our regular workshops on conscious parenthood help parents to manifest the ideal according to their thought and will.

The course is based on conscious choices on lifestyle. Course material includes insights from various ancient Indian texts that befits modern day living.

Components of the course are relevant to clinical, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects related to trimester of pregnancy.

Relationships with mother-in-law and sister-in-law pose when disharmonious are emotionally draining for a mother, and these are addressed in our one-on-one sessions. Along with the pressure of gender specific child.

What Are The Relaxing Therapies During Pregnancy Period?

Our modern lifestyle is busy but this beautiful period is for the mother to remain in a relaxed state and for the fetus to thrive in the womb. Along with diet and exercise sound plays an important role for deep relaxation

Sound therapies do extremely well for the baby and the mother. You will notice how the baby responds to certain sounds by kicking.

Shlokas, mantras and bhajans that destress and keep you in a calm, peaceful state.

The Program Which Supports In All Type Of Pregnancies

The Soulful Pregnancy experience supports all kinds of pregnancies and births.

If you have experienced miscarriages, later loss or conception this experience will give you clarity, healing and deeper reflections.

If you are facing fear, anxiety and other such emotions during pregnancy, this course is highly recommended.

Pre-birth communication. Your baby is a light of consciousness and so much more.

  • Benefits of communications offers a powerful spiritual link.
  • Clearing past trauma and removing fears
  • Bonding relationship with mother, child and father before birth
  • Your baby will be a new thinker, a light creator, true and authentic
  • Welcoming the baby with joy and happiness.
  • Sound Healing